During Covid-19

Firstly, all of us here at Rushden Chiropractic Clinic would like to thank everyone for their patience and cooperation as we start to head toward a new normality. The clinic has undergone some changes to the way we operate in alignment with social distancing laws and to help in our effort to protect both patients and staff against the corona virus. Some of the changes and things you can expect when visiting us are outlined as follows:

Firstly, when booking each appointment, you will undergo a screening process to ascertain whether you are at risk of having a possible case of corona virus or if you been around anyone who has. The questions you will be asked will be in line with the government guidelines and will be kept up to date as things progress. If you are classed as high risk, please let us know and we can recommend particular time slots for you. When having a treatment or consultation your consent will be required and will be logged onto your file. We also ask that you keep us informed; if you have visited us recently and start to feel unwell.


To protect both us and you, we have implemented a new PPE (personal protective equipment) regime. Any consulting staff will wear mask, single-use gloves, and disposable apron. Additional PPE can be worn where the member of staff sees necessary. As a result of this additional cost, we have made the difficult decision to increase some of our prices (please see updated price list), we hope to receive your support in this.

Furthermore, a more rigorous cleaning schedule has been implemented in the clinic. All contact surfaces are sterilised after each treatment, and the frequency of the cleaning of the toilets, floors and waiting area has been increased.

Due to this, we are required to have a larger gap between appointments. This will mean that less people can be seen within a working day so please be patient. The longer spaces also reduce the risk of congestion in the waiting room, therefore limiting any unwanted contact with anyone other than the consulting staff.


When coming to your appointment, we ask that you do not bring anyone to your appointment unless absolutely necessary, again, avoiding congestion in the waiting area. We also ask that before you enter, please check that no one is by the desk. If you can see someone at the desk, we ask politely that you please wait outside until they have moved away, so that we can comply with social distancing. On arrival to the clinic, you will be asked to sanitize your hands and put on a mask. We encourage you to bring your own masks, but we can provide them for £1 each which is the cost that we buy them for. Please be aware that if there are already people in the waiting area, we may ask you to wait in your car. Please do not arrive too early for your appointment because as mentioned before, the appointments are carefully spaced to limit any unnecessary contact with anyone other than the consulting therapist. 

We strongly encourage card or contactless payment and can provide digital receipts for your treatment.


We are closely monitoring the current situation and are continuously adapting our protocols and systems to be in compliance with government guidelines and protocols. As such, please be patient with us if something has changed since the last time you came. We are implementing everything in our best judgment to keep patients and staff safe, whilst striving to maintain the high-quality experience that we have always provided.

Thank you for your cooperation, patience, and care.


We look forward to seeing you soon!


Stay Safe!